Hire House to Home in Chesterfield Township, Lapeer, Rochester, Birmingham & Detroit, MI to conduct a thermal imaging scan

The cost of a thermal energy scan will pay for itself in first year savings

Is a hidden issue in your house costing you a fortune? Don't lose any more money due to moisture intrusion or heat loss. Contact House to Home Complete Structure Inspections LLC in Chesterfield Township, Lapeer, Birmingham or Detroit, MI today to schedule a thermal imagining scan of your home. We'll locate the source of the problem and develop an effective solution to resolve it.

Why should I get a thermal imaging scan?

Is your monthly energy bill too high? If so, you might have a small issue that's draining your home and your wallet. When the team from House and Home visits your property, we'll:

1.Analyze how much energy you're using
2.Find hidden leaks
3.Diagnose any equipment issues

Once completed, you'll have a clear picture of your home's energy usage. You'll also save more money.

Call 810-895-1836 now to schedule your thermal imaging scan in Chesterfield Township, Lapeer or Detroit, MI. In addition, we'll buy your home back if we miss something! Go to InterNachi Buy Back Program to learn more.