Home Inspections and Buying A Home

In today's aggressive real estate market, it's easy to get caught up with the hurry to purchase a home. In other words, good homes go fast, so buy it or loose it. Buying a home is an emotional experience, and since it's, in many cases, the largest investment many folks will make in their lifetime, it is extremely wise to have the home inspected prior to committing a purchase agreement. Nothing could be worse than purchasing a home, and later realizing one, or numerous deficiencies exist that were overlooked, or not visible at all. Many times we allow our excitement of the home buying experience to put our blinders on. We are so excited about the layout, the fireplace in the living room, the walk out basement etc. That we fail to see things like a moisture line in the basement indicating a past flood event. Or cracks in the garage floor, maybe a differential movement on the roof showing a bow, or uneven surfaces. The importance of a home inspection can bring out the things you need to know before you purchase.
Many items are simple things that most every home owner can take care of themselves, and most are typical maintenance items. However, when it comes to things we can't see like overloaded circuits in the electrical panel, or lack of moisture barrier in the attic, a heating system that's seen or is close to its mechanical life, or even a negative slope in the yard that runs water to toward the house instead of away from it.
These items may require a bit more to correct, and you may not want to take them on. Home inspections are NOT designed to loose or gain a sale in any way, simply put the inspection report is a "Factual Report" nothing less, and nothing more, they are reports for you to examine and discuss with your real estate agent.
Then you can make a decision with confidence that you have a better understanding of what the home may or may not need. A qualified, certified home inspector will discover the items that are acceptable, marginal, defective, safety hazards, and items needing immediate attention.