Winter Preparation

Winter is upon us here in. Michigan. It’s that time of year to batten down the hatches, and protect our biggest investment. Here are a few easy to do items that will save money, help prevent deterioration, and keep you warmer.

  • Close all feed valves to outside faucets, then open the outside bibs to drain water in the pipe. It’s also a good idea to purchase Styrofoam faucet covers for the hose bibs.
    Even if you have freeze proof faucets, you should cover them.
  • Install a weather cover for your central AC unit.
  • Clean all gutters, & be sure down spouts are directed away from the home and any walks. This will assist in keeping ice build up to a minimum
  • Clean and seal all cracks in concrete drives and walks, this will prevent heaving from ice. Seal asphalt drives if crumbling, cracking or los areas exists
  • Look at all caulking around all windows and doors, and caulk where necessary
  • Check all door seals and threshold seals. Tip Take a flashlight at night, turn lights off, shine the light around the door seal and threshold, having someone outside to see if any light shines through. Replace seals if necessary
  • Check overhead garage door seals, replace if necessary.
  • Inspect the flashing around the chimney and seal if necessary
  • If you have a fireplace, wood stove, or other solid fuel burning heat source, have the chimney cleaned and inspected by a qualified chimney sweep
  • Trim all tree branches that can fall on the home (added weight from snow and ice can stress branches to the breaking point)
  • Don’t store firewood against your house, rodents take shelter in wood, and may find there way into your warm home for winter
  • Don’t feed birds close to the house, bird food is also great food for field mice, and they may get into the home
  • If your home has a crawl space with shutter metal vents, close the vents (Just remember to open them again in the spring)