Don't Take Chances this Spring

Spring has sprung in Michigan folks, this is the time to address all the little things that most homeowners either just live with, or don’t realize what effects may happen from the little things.

Spring rains are our friend for the earth and growing season but can be destructive to our homes if missed things aren’t corrected. The number one reason for wet basements is a lack of gutters, the second biggest cause is incorrect grade around the home. Although there are a few more that can be elusive to see & very expensive to fix such as

  • Broken or collapsed drainage tile around the foundation perimeter
  • Cracks in the foundation walls
  • No drainage in crawl spaces
  • Water running down interior walls from a bad roof
  • Drip edging
  • Low lands
  • Mud bogs
  • Natural springs
  • Cracked floor drains.

We’ve seen it all, & the causes are in many cases devastating to your home's framing & foundation. Even if you’re not buying, it pays to have a home inspection!

Sellers will be interested in this too, many surprises are uncovered that either cost them big $$, or even a loss of sale because the costs are just too big, & be left holding the bag. Huge other issues like unseen mold in the walls or attic, dry-rotted wood, and uneven floors. Call us for an inspection today, don’t take chances with your largest investment!