Saving Energy in the Winter Months

In our quest as homeowners to become more energy efficient, here are a few tips for saving energy in the winter months.

For forced air furnaces:

  • Close off registers in upstairs rooms that you don’t use, but never bathrooms or rooms with water pipes.
  • Adjust the dampers by closing them 1/4-1/2 on the heat ducts closest to the furnace, this will allow more flow to the further out dampers and help to equalize the system. This also helps to eliminate cold rooms in winter and hotter rooms in summer. 
  • If you don’t use your basement for a living space, close the heat vents, The basement is typically 8,-10’ below ground & the temperature below the frost line (42”) is a constant 50-52 degrees, and will not freeze.
  • Purchase the heaviest insulated drapes you can. The heavier the drape the more energy saved. On sunny days open all drapes that get the sun, and close them (if you’re home) as the sun moves, and repeat as the sun moves to other windows.
  • Adjust your humidifier so that when the front door is opened, it doesn’t fog up. Homes that have condensation on the windows indicate humidity is too high. Get programmable thermostats and turn the heat heat down in the house  when you’re gone or at work.
  • Install auto motion sensing light switches, and LED bulbs throughout the home. Check all windows and doors for air leakage with a lit candle, & correct the leaky ones.

All these helpful items will result in BIG energy savings, and a warmer home when occupied.